Let us treat you to a unique 
cheese-tasting experience, 
directly from the pastures of Olympus!

With the first morning light, the local shepherds lead their flocks to the wild pastures of Mt Olympus. At an altitude of 900 meters, the sheep feed freely on the rich mountain flora to produce milk of unique taste, aroma, and quality. This is the milk we use to produce all Exarchos products!

Κατσίκα και πρόβατο στην εξοχή
Βουνά, τοπίο, φωτογραφία

From our praised Elassona Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) Feta and Kasseri to next-generation cheese products, we bring certified cheese of high nutritional value and signature taste, infused with the power of the Greek mountainous nature.

Κομμάτια τυριού φέτα και γραφικά χωριού

We bring together our family cheese-making tradition with the renowned cheese-making history of Elassona.

Τυροκομικά - Φέτα  Έξαρχος σε τραπέζι
Τυροκομικά  Έξαρχος σε τραπέζι
Τυροκομικά  Έξαρχος σε τραπέζι
Τυροκομικά  Έξαρχος σε τραπέζι

We produce cheese exclusively from fresh goat and sheep milk that we collect daily from nearby livestock units. The animals are fed freely during most of the year in the wild pastures of Mt Olympus. Their physiology differs from the animals that live in lower altitudes as they often travel long distances. The milk produced is of unique biological and dietary quality and has an extraordinary taste from the Greek mountainous herbs and pharmaceutical plants.

Κομμάτια τυριού Φέτα και σχέδια κατσίκας, πρόβατο και χωριό

Certified cheese products made from pure milk that deliver all the aromas and taste of the Mt Olympus flora.

Since 1948

Three generations of producers bound together with passion for great tasting cheese.

Χωριό, εξοχή

For three generations now, we have been staying true to the values of our founder Dimitris Exarchos who began this exciting journey in 1948; promotion and preservation of the traditional cheese-making methods, development of the local breeders' community, protection of our land's natural purity.

Γραμμή παραγωγής τυριού φέτα Έξαρχος

As always, our strength lies in our people. Our connection with the local breeders and the tight bonds with every member of the Exarchos team. We invest in continuous training, bringing to our people the latest evolutions and trends in cheese production.

Βοσκότοπος στην στα βουνά της Ελασσόνας

A large community of cheese producers and breeders on a mission toward sustainability.


We believe responsible breeding contributes to economic development, societal empowerment, preservation of the natural environment, and protection of our land's rare biodiversity.

Παραδοσιακά τοξοτά γεφύρια

The pastoral breeding method respects the limits of mountainous and semi-mountainous land and contributes to the prevention of desertification. During challenging times caused by climate change, we are proud to have developed bonds of honesty and trust with the local breeders on a shared mission towards sustainability.

Together, cheese producers and breeders, we work for competitive breeding and sustainability.

Χωριό, κατσίκα, πρόβατο