A large community of cheese producers and breeders, on a mission towards sustainability.

Since the foundation of EXARCHOS S.A., our family ties have extended beyond the company to the community of local goat and sheep breeders and milk suppliers.

Aεροφωτογραφία των λιβαδιών της Ελασσόνας

Over the years, we have built interpersonal relationships of honesty and trust, and we have supported them against challenges and difficulties with respect for all their efforts and passion.


Βοσκός με πρόβατο
Τυροκόμος σε μαντρί

Responsible breeding contributes to economic development, societal empowerment, preservation of the natural environment, and protecting our land's rare biodiversity.

The pastoral breeding method respects the limits of mountainous and semi-mountainous land and contributes to the prevention of desertification.


Δέντρο σε βοσκότοπο
Αιγοπρόβατα σε βοσκότοπο
Ελασσόνα, γραφικό


a place where natural beauty 
coexists harmoniously with history

Χωριό, κατσίκα, πρόβατο