A junction between central and north Macedonia, Elassona combines the imposing landscape of Mt Olympus with monuments of exceptional cultural profile. The liquid element is dominant in the city from the river Elassonites, the natural border between the old and new town, up to the nearby lake of Kefalovryssos.

Πέτρινο τοξοτό γεφύρι στην Ελασσόνα

The old town of Elassona, Varosi, is built at the foot of the Olympiotissa hill. It joins the new city with three bridges and a picturesque arched bridge, a characteristic attraction of Elassona.

Ελασσόνα, πέτρινη εκκλησία
Ελασσόνα, πετρινο σπίτι στη φύση
Ελασσόνα, φύση
Ελασσόνα, κουδούνια
Ελασσόνα, χωριό

A place where natural beauty coexists harmoniously with history.

Ecclesiastical monuments of unique architecture dominate the city. The Holy Church of Panagia Olympiotissa is a monastery that dates back to the 13th century and the Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos in Tsaritsani, reaches back to the late 17th century.

Ελασσόνα, γραφικό

The rich 
tradition of Elassona.

Here, at Elassona, we know what cheese should taste like and produce it from generation to generation as part of our local heritage. The mountainous and semi-mountainous morphology of the southern Olympus landscape has contributed to the development of goat and sheep farming, the largest in the prefecture of Larissa.

The animals are fed freely during most of the year in the wild pastures of Mt Olympus. Their physiology differs from the animals that live in lower altitudes as they often travel long distances. 

The milk produced from these animals is of unique biological and dietary quality and has an extraordinary taste from the Greek mountainous herbs and pharmaceutical plants.

In the extensive mountain pastures, animals feed on the Olympus flora, rich in aromas and antioxidants which pass directly into the milk of goats and sheep. The mountainous climate, the particular morphology of the local animal tribes, the free-range feeding conditions, the biodiversity of Olympus, and the inexhaustible passion of the local cheese makers for good cheese have contributed to developing an unsurpassed cheese-making tradition that goes back decades.

Κατσίκες στη φύση


Our Factory

The rich cheese-making tradition of 
Elassona meets the latest trends in production.

Χωριό, κατσίκα, πρόβατο