Βοσκός με πρόβατα σε βοσκοτόπι

The rich cheese-making tradition of Elassona meets the latest trends in production.

From our praised Elassona P.D.O. Feta and Kasseri to next-generation products, we bring certified cheese of high nutritional value and signature taste, infused with the power of the Greek mountainous nature.

For three generations now, we have been staying true to the values of our founder Dimitris Exarchos who began this exciting journey in 1948; promotion and preservation of the traditional cheese-making methods, development of local breeders' community, and protection of our land's natural purity.

Παρασκευή τυριού στο τυροκομείο

Our cheese factory is located in Elassona, a short distance from the mountain milk production farms. 

Our state-of-the-art factory is housed within an 11.000m2 area. It consists of a cheese production unit, a packaging unit, cold rooms, and an accredited laboratory to test everything, from raw materials to the final product.

To ensure the quality of our products at every stage of our supply chain, we own a fleet of tank and refrigerated trucks to collect milk and transport our products.

Αερογωτογραφία του τυροκομείου Έξαρχος

We collect milk daily 
from free-range herds 
and process it fresh!


This is how we secure the aromas, 
taste, and beneficial ingredients 
of Olympus plants and herbs!

Αρμεγμά προβάτων
Μηχάνημα τυροκομίου
Ποιοτικός έλεγχος του γάλακτος
Τυρί γραβιέρα σε φέτες
Χωριό στην Ελλασόνα

As always, our strength lies in our people. Our connection with the local breeders and the tight bonds with every member of the Exarchos team. We invest in continuous training, bringing to our people the latest evolutions and trends in cheese production.

We are focused on the future of cheese-making through continuous investments in research and innovation.

Μεγενθυντικός φακός, αγελάδα και βοσκοτόπι


Authentic Greek products with 
the highest quality standards

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Χωριό, κατσίκα, πρόβατο